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Luxury Collections

Special Orders

A selection of unique, handmade products available upon special order request.
Many of these items are currently stocked on a limited basis but require set lead times.



Stem Zero


The Chill collection consists of a decanter with matching tumbler and a bowl. Elegantly smooth, they are made from the finest crystal glass. Glass elements sit on a base of high quality marble, creating both a sense of weight and authority.

Stem Zero is a simple and elegant range of highly sophisticated glassware made to satisfy the most discerning wine connoisseur. The glass is so fine and light that it defies belief. The remarkable quality of the glass creates a sensation of weightlessness like the wine is being held by an invisible force, allowing you to savor the aroma and taste of wine in a way that, until now, was considered unimaginable. The lightness of the glassware focuses all attention on the senses. The stem is precise, the lip is sheer and the bowl is delicate. Everything works together to accentuate touch, taste and smell.

Intentionally dramatic and show-stopping pieces made of clear crystal glass, the Shade Whiskey set will appeal to all those with a sense of the Gothic and the romantic. The skull shaped stopper of the decanter guarantees to add a theatrical air to any table. The corresponding trio of glasses are finished with an embedded image of a skull in their base.