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Simple is beautiful.

Nude, part of Sisecam, was born to create lead-free crystal glass for hotels & restaurants
in the 21st century, providing the hospitality industry with elegant, relevant solutions for a modern dining experience. Nude is created from raw crystal glass to make life less ordinary, to make food and wine more sensuous and pleasurable. Experience our Nude lead-free crystal glass, purposely shaped for perfect transparency and fineness.

Today, begin to please your senses and your mind with Nude.


One of our missions is to design
and create collections of
lead-free crystal glass specifically
manufactured for the hotel and
restaurant industry. Our focus is on
delivering elegant, practical, and
relevant solutions for the modern
dining and entertaining experience.
Nothing more, nothing less.


Nude believes simple is beautiful,
that form is function, and less is
more. This is equally true when it
comes to the way we do business.
We like to build straightforward,
simple, and lonGterm relationships
serving the needs and
requirements of everyone involved.


Nude takes pleasure seriously and recognizes the importance of establishing a dynamic and vibrant atmosphere. Attention to detail is paramount, yet at the same time there must always be room for people to feel comfortable, to breathe. Nude glassware supports and embellishes rather than overwhelms; the immaculate crystal adding a sense of refinement and beauty to any environment.